Healing The Heart Chakra and The 4 Sacred Chambers

Healing The Heart Chakra and The 4 Sacred Chambers

When we think about the chakras, often it has been said that the heart chakra is the hardest one to heal from emotional hurt and blockages.

Our Heart Chakra is the fourth primary chakra located at the level of your heart in the centre of your chest. Being the energy centre for love, your heart chakra affects your health, strength, and internal balance. The key concepts are often related to trust in self, trust in others, trust in life, loving oneself, loving others and loving life. It encompasses all the other 6 physical chakra or earth bound chakras.

Chakras 1 though 7. It has 4 chambers and very fitting at that. Each chamber houses the pairings of 6 chakras and 1 chamber for the 4th chakra itself.

Chamber 1 houses conflicts, blockages and dysregulation of chakras 1 and 7.

Chamber 2 houses conflicts, blockages and dysregulation of chakras 2 and 6.

Chamber 3 houses conflicts, blockages and dysregulation for chakras 3 and 4.

Chamber 4 houses conflicts, blockages and dysregulation for chakra 4 itself.

It's no wonder it's hurt so much, when our hearts are broken, we have a heart ache etc. because the heart chakra houses them all. The heart chakra is the bridge between the upper chakras connection with father the sky, the divine, higher conscious, the galactics, light-beings, and soul star/ purpose chakra. Whereas the lower chakras (chakras 3-1) connect us to and with Gaia mother earth, the earth star chakra and grounding into earth's crystalline structure.

It is important to balance your heart chakra and I love to use a combination of Emotional Conflicts & Trauma Healing + Remedies (Psychosomatic Energetics- a modality from Switzerland) along with crystals and Quantum Reiki Quantum Code Healing.

Opening Your Heart with Heart Chakra Stones

Altogether, heart chakra stones such as malachite, epidote, rose quartz, chrysoprase, fuchsite, rhodonite can be used to open your heart chakra and mend your broken relationships. Each of these heart chakra crystals carries powerful healing properties that bring you a sense of clarity.

Malachite: An excellent stone that can be used to cleanse your chakras. Considered to be a powerful heart chakra, it has transforming properties that once your heart chakra has been opened, can protect you from negative energy while also keeping you open to all forms of love. Can be worn for protected under its emotional shield from negativity. This stone also carries inspiration, positivity, and optimism motivating you to mend your relationships. Its radiating green colour symbolizes life-force energy, which provides the ultimate healing energy so you are better able to forgive and move forward.

Epidote: A great stone for programming, especially ones' intentions. Also a great attraction stone (i.e. abundance, wealth, prosperity, love etc). By its energy to uplift you emotionally, it helps to enable you to both release negative feelings, and to heal associated emotional issues.

Chrysoprase: This stone promotes joy and optimism making it a positive influence in your life. It works to open and activate your heart chakra allowing for a strong energetic flow of positive energy that stems from your heart and is put forth into the universe. When your heart is open, chrysoprase helps to attract an abundance of love, so if any of your relationships are struggling, it can be extremely beneficial to healing hurt feelings and restoring faith in your bond with another person.

Rose Quartz: Most well known heart chakra stones for opening your heart to all types of love. It is great for instilling a loving force within your heart, ultimately healing your heart chakra and unblocking it from any negative energy. Also, a great protection stone as well

Fuchsite: a “healer’s stone,” it invites miracles into your life. It can help restore any damage caused by your negativity and brings an encouraging light into your life promoting your more playful, lighthearted side.

Rhodonite: a stone to open your heart chakra and help you practice forgiveness and compassion. It is known as a “rescue stone” carrying with it powerful healing energies that help problems within your relationships. It removes any fears you might have that are keeping your from forgiving and is diminishing your faith in your relationship.

Dissolving Your Emotional Blockage with Rubimed Remedies and Rubimed Therapy

From Rubimed remedies there are five emotional conflict themes for the heart chakra and each one represents elements in the heart chakra. The emotional conflict remedies in the heart chakras are:

Emvita 12: remedy addresses difficulty trusting others. Furthermore, blockage in this part of the heart chamber deals with feeling mentally overtaxed, exhausted, or overwhelmed and under pressure for all one has to do.

Emvita 13: this remedy addresses being deeply hurt or betrayed. So then one tends to withdraw and build up walls to protect oneself. You do not feel like you can cope with another disappointment.

Emvita 14: addresses being deeply hurt, betrayed, retreating emotionally leading to the feeling of being trapped or shut in with no way out. You feel under pressure due to the expectations of others.

Emvita 15: remedy addresses being deeply hurt and still have not overcome it, which leads to fear that it could happen again. Often one is faced with anxiety, fear and worry, which weighs on your heart and blocks you from fully enjoying life.

Emvita 16: remedy addresses being deeply hurt and do not believe that you an fully trust again. Often you experience anxiety or panic but mask them with an attitude of braveness and ambition.

The combination of the Crystals, Energy Healing, Tuning Forks and remedies (complex homeopathics and botanicals + flower essences) really work to help to heal your heart chakra and open up its sacred chambers and help you to practice forgiveness, acceptance, and unconditional love, all of which offer harmonious living under a divine power.

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