Collection: Essential Sprays - Aura / Body Mist + Rollers

Equal Love - This Line was created to acknowledge the diversity that are people in this world. Equal Love, one could say it's the Pride Line. We are all here on this planet together, it's important that we show equal love to all those around us regardless of gender, race, age, or sexual orientation. We hope that these high frequency essences help one to cultivate more acceptance, compassion, and love for all equally.

'Soul Creations' are powerful essence blends that help to address and connect one to the spiritual aspects of self and one's surroundings. Sometimes we all encounter, go through and experience things in life that we can't really explain. At times these things are more supernatural and spiritual in nature. Those experiences can be connected to past lives, soul contracts,  negative thought patterns, emotional conflicts, ancestral and or generational trauma, negative energies and or entity attachments that sit in one's energy field. Also, they are more energetically and spiritually connected.