Mediumship, Channeling + Intuitive Psychic Sessions

Mediumship, Channeling + Intuitive Psychic

Kim will be speaking with guides (spirit guides), light-beings from higher dimensions, archangels etc.
It is best not to have specific questions or expectations as most times we receive what we NEED to know not what we WANT to know. It is all for our highest good. Source knows what is best for us at all times. Some things that may be illuminated are:
- Realizing patterns that are keeping you stuck
- Realizing what you are not seeing presently
- Messages from deceased loved ones or from guides
- Gaining clarity to move forward in life
- Help you connect to your true self within

Not having any expectations and being open to receiving will result in an extraordinary and profound experience.
Channeling will be at the vibration that you need.

Channelled messages will be emailed within 3 - 7 days after the healing.

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Mediumship Service

This session includes: Connecting with spirit guides, ancestral guides, angels and archangels, deceased loved one, divine beings of light, starseed and or cosmic seed beings, the galactics and more.
You will receive various messages for what is pertinent that you need to know at this moment in your life.

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Inner Transformational Alchemy Healing

“It’s not just a healing, it’s a journey within.”

As we go through our daily lives, we collect energies, thoughts, imprints, and emotions for others as well as ourselves. This energy collects in our energetic system. If not cleaned and “washed away” daily it builds up, eventually causing imbalances in our physical bodies, otherwise known as dis-ease. Everything starts with our energetic system. 

In the 2 hour session of Inner Transformational Alchemy (ITA), we clean up the energy system, allowing energy to flow more freely. 

Cleaning up the energetic system (chakras and layers of the energy body) can include:

Clearing and healing timelines. Clearing and healing karmic contracts and baggage. Clear past trauma energy locked inside the body. Identify, heal and clear energy patterns trapped within the body. Release stuck or blocked energy in the body and chakras. 

Identify gifts, and strengths. weaknesses or trouble spots. Connecting with your higher self, guides and totem animals. Passing on messages from deceased loved ones or guides.

Give tools for your energetic toolbox to cope and deal with stress and anxiety to release what no longer serves you. Give tools for empowerment.

Help you to connect with your intuition and intuitive gifts. Help identify these gifts.

Use Quantum Codes as guided to help move you towards your life purpose and mission. Awaken you to your life’s purpose and mission.

Release the stuck energy that can cause dis-ease, helping you to feel lighter and more clear. Relax and unwind. Release tension in the physical body.

Tools to help quiet the “monkey” mind. Clear the aura of attachments and cords as well as the chakras. 3D/4D/5D energy healing to help balance, clear and align the chakras.

Release past life patterns that are holding you back from experiencing your true potential in your present lifetime.

Bring fragments of yourself back to help you stand in your true power. Helps to connect to your authenticity and your authentic self.

Binaural Beats to help raise your frequency are used.

After your session, the chakras are aligned, and your vibration comes into balance, creating a palpable shift in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. This improves your physical health as well as your mental health. You’ll feel lighter, and clearer as if someone has lifted a burden from you.

One should note that one session is not enough to clear everything. It is like the multi layers of an onion. One level is peeled back to reveal another and another. Eventually, you’ll be able to quickly clear your own debris using the tools given in each session, allowing a deeper understanding of energy and how your individual system works.

As everyone is unique not everyone’s experience will be the same. Each individual will respond in a different way. Some will need many sessions while others only a few. Every person is unique. Having no expectations and keeping an open mind will allow for greater healing to occur.  

A 13 page report on what was discussed, recommendations to help move you through the energy is included. This will be emailed to you in 2 to 3 days time.

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