Hush Body Treatments

Hush Body provides Relaxation Massage, Prenatal Massage and Body Wraps

Massage - 

30 Min | 60 Min | 90 Min Relaxation Massage $45.00 | $85.00 | $130.00

60 Min Mommy to be Massage $100.00

Aromatherapy add on $10.00

Signature Body Wrap $80.00 - Our signature body wrap begins with a full body exfoliation, using the process of dry brushing. Once fully exfoliated, we then apply a moisturizing layer of body butter directly onto the skin and begin the process of wrapping the body, for maximum absorption. During your 15 minutes of wrap time, we indulge in a neck and scalp massage, to help deepen the state or relaxation. From here we remove the body butter and apply a light lotion application, to help further extend the moisturizing process.  

Complete Body Wrap with Mini Facial $140.00 - After the body wrap, we move into our mini facial; beginning with our first cleanse, while the steam helps to loosen any build up, we then move into our secondary cleanse and exfoliation process.



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