Intuitive + Spiritual Insight Guidance Counselling

Is this therapy approach right for me?
Getting more balanced and in life and reducing pain are big motivations why clients schedule this therapy.
Pain can come in many forms:
Physical Pain
Emotional pain and conflicts from stressful events in life
Spiritual angst when ones old life no long makes sense and the new inspiration for the for the next step and approach has not yet appeared
Grief or loss
Feeling stuck in life
Wanting to let go of past hurt

Transform your life by integrating your past and re-balancing your energy. It is heard to get to a peaceful and calm if you have never been there before. Allow me to guide you to that peaceful place in yourself.


Spiritual Insight Counselling- Individual Initial
Explore emotional conflicts, archetypes and shadow self and how that is affecting your life, relationship and reality on your life journey together.
*Spiritual insight, guidance, coaching and counselling that helps you to enhance your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being by accessing your individual belief systems and higher power to explore areas of conflict in life.
We explore the deeper connections between you and the Universe, so that you can gain a new or deeper understanding of the world you live in and the energies that flow within it.
We further explore emotional conflicts, archetypes and shadow self and how that is affecting your life and reality.
Blockages you may be experiencing in life, the patterns and beliefs, explore past lives, soul contracts, beliefs and patterns tracing back to childhood experiences that are presenting in ones’ current timeline.
We help you to get to the root of blockages and why you are experiencing them.
*Any distortions that one is facing in their inner world, that is manifesting in your outerworld are illuminated and tools given to face one’s self
*Recommendations for clearing the energy density around those conflicts and blockages.

*Journaling Suggestions, mindfulness, meditation, observation of one’s self and judgements
*A downloadable link of the session recording.
* 1 follow up appointment (phone call) 2 weeks after to see how you are integrating and shifting.

Several resources for enhanced learning and exploration and questions about spirituality and doing the inner work.

And remember to keep an open mind.

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