Meet Alison

Alison Lumley, R.Ac

Registered Acupuncturist

Alison Lumley began her acupuncture training in 2002 at the Academy of Oriental Medicine in Austin, Texas (AOMA). She was led to the field after having experienced, on her own path to healing, the holistic approach of a homeopathic doctor. The belief that the body has its own innate ability to heal resonated with her and happens to be one of the foundational beliefs of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Another tenet from TCM that she easily espoused is the theory that often, if not always, the mind/spirit is implicated in physical illness. It is said that the advanced TCM practitioner treats the spirit first and the physical body next.

Alison has spent five years of her acupuncture career (four years at the Texas Center for Reproductive Acupuncture in Austin and one year at Yinstill Reproductive Wellness in Vancouver) helping men and women with fertility issues. She is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in the United States (NCCAOM) and a registered acupuncturist in Canada (CTCMA).

A fierce dedication and discipline was instilled in her early on in her years as a ballerina, and that dedication and discipline has continued into other areas of her life. She continues to dance today (many styles) and is also a singer/songwriter, plays guitar and ukulele, and, just recently, the piano.

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