Meet Brooke

Brooke is a Licensed Aesthetician with our collective. Graduating from Vancouver, B.C.’s  John Casablanca Institute in 2017,  Brooke Eggertson has continued in her field, furthering her education through seminars and workshops while applying high expectations and goals to her everyday life.  

Educating friends, family, clients and those around her on how to maintain overall health and the steps to achieve the wholeness of one's mind, body and soul is something near and dear to Brooke.  “To be one with your body, while channeling inwards and outwards, we are able to feel, and see what our skin is trying to tell us.”   

If Brooke isn’t tending to her 3 year old son Odin,  you can find her engaging with her clients and community online and offline with hopes to continue spreading mindfulness and educate those around her on ways to take the utmost care of oneself.   For her, catering to her clients needs and desires is just an added bonus. 

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

 - Benjamin Franklin.

She continues to expand her knowledge in the beauty industry and aesthetics industry and utilizing natural products.

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