Past Life Regression / Hypnotherapy

Past Life Regression

Have you ever wondered who you were in another life?
Do you wonder if you are on the right track in this life?
Sometimes looking into the past can give you incredible understanding, tools, insight and explain the relationships and passions you have today.

Certified and trained under the Michael Newton Institute and with the knowledge of Dolores Cannon I will guide you on a journey to visit the most relevant past life for need to experience.
A 3 hour process including a prep phase, you will be guided to go within the depths of your memory.
Visiting scenes and events from that past life, leading you through significant lessons all the way to the end of that life.
Which we will then do a full review with quantum healing.
-Releasing any energetic imprints
-Letting go of physical trapped energy,
-Forgiving and closing any relationships
-Removing any unresolved contracts holding you back in this life.
- Releasing Karmic bonds
-Connecting you to higher self, spirit guides or ancestors throughout the journey.
-Gathering any skills, tools or gifts you may not have been aware of which you possess from that life, activating them in this life.

This process will leave you with a new perspective of the current life you have and a deeper understanding of who you are.

Galactic Regression

Have you ever wondered if you are not from here?
Have you ever felt like you don't belong?
Are you a starseed wanting to learn more about your past?

Come on a journey to another dimension, reality, planet, to learn about the other lives you've had on other planets.
Visiting the lives and lessons you've learned from other places, while gathering a deeper understanding of why you chose earth and what you are here to do.