Tarot + Oracle Readings

Tarot / Oracle Reading

Not just your typical Tarot/Oracle reading session. 60mins $165.00

This 60min session includes:

*Tarot & Oracle reading
*Channeled messages from guides
*Session recording link to download

    Blueprint Life & Soul's Path Reading

    This is an in-depth 90 min blueprint reading about your life purpose, past life and how they connect. And the path that you are on in this current timeline. $185.00

       What's Included: 

      • A recording report of your reading and messages from your spirit guides. 
      • Insight and direction on your current life course and answers to your life purpose and the direction that the universe and spirit has charted for you with your input. 
        (You are a co-creator and the universe is here to help you achieve great thing). 

      If you feel like you’re “off track” or “stuck” in the revolving circle of life, not getting the results you want, chances are you are going against your “natural hard-wiring for something greater.”

      This reading will give you clarity, your unique energy patterns, show you options that you have not considered or validate thoughts and or feelings you have already had.

      Blueprint Life & Soul's Path Reading with Clearing + Healing

      Challenges within life often occur when we are not in harmony with our soul’s contract. This reading and healing will help to clear the debris, get insight and realign to ones greater potent. 

      With the channeled messages, you are able to connect and get guidance on your life purpose. 

      What's Included in 2hrs 45min Session:

      • Identifying the areas where they are not aligned with their true-life path. 
      • Tarot + Oracle combo Reading to gain insight and clarity to your path
      • A mini healing, with Chakra balancing + sound healing
      • Session recording of reading
      • Post session rituals to further up keep of your energy
      • Healing past life karmic patterns
      • Use of supercharged quantum codes specific to connecting with your soul purpose and healing hardship experienced in this life time
      • Silver-Rod Alignment to get your connection to your soul purpose

      You will gain insight and clarity open up your intuition and clear debris.
      I believe everyone has a propensity for intuition and often is validating exactly what the client truly knows deep in their heart is their next step or action.

      If there any blocks that one is feeling and or experiencing in their lives, we help to facilitate a clearing (healing) to remove those blockages. 

      If you find that you are resisting your life purpose of do not really know what your life purpose is! 

      $290.00 included 1 Follow-up session (phone call) 1-2 weeks after your session.

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